About Us

Identibits is a very successful name badge business and have been within the name badge industry for over 15 years.

Identibits was first established as Identibits found there was a growing demand for name badges. It was found one of the biggest issues in business was the level of customer service. Research has shown that team members in retail who wore a name badge were perceived to provide 15% better customer service than those who did not. It was also found that name badges gave a person identity and recognition.

Thus Identibits has been supplying both resin coated and standard name badges to retail, restaurant, schools, grocery stores, clothing stores etc.

Identibits has now been recognised to be the preferred suppliers of name badges for IGA, Supa IGA, IGA Xpress, several private schools etc.

Identibits endeavours to make ordering of name badges simple. On this website we have created an order form with all the necessary details required to make a name badge. Just fill in and send. For reorders Identibits will keep the templates of name badges made on file so only the list of names are required.