Build Your Badge With Identibits

Identibits is a highly respected, Western Australian family owned business that specialises in the manufacture of Name Badges.

Identibits has been in business for over 15 years.

Why Identibits?

Identibits have a large client base consisting of Supermarkets, Schools, Real Estate Agencies, Cafes, Corporate Companies and many others.

Identibits manufacture first class quality name badges at competitive prices.

Identibits have a quick turnaround time and we provide outstanding service.


Create a professional finish by having your name badge coated with a high quality UV resin.


Wanting a matte finish or a cheaper alternative name badge. These badges have no resin and have a tough laminate or PVC finish.


Create your own name badges by having your logo only printed. Then add your names using a label maker, for staff as needed. Labels can then be removed and new labels applied making these badges reusable.

Why Name Badges?

Have you ever gone into a restaurant or store where the person serving has done an amazing job? You go to management saying what a fantastic employee he or she is. Then the embarrassment of having to describe the person. A name badge would end this scenario.

Identibits moto is keep everything simple.

  • Found ordering name badges online difficult! Don’t know where to start! Or too time consuming!
  • There is where Identibits aims to keep your name badge ordering simple
Identibits supply many different styles of name badges to schools and colleges throughout Australia. Not only standard name badges for teachers but also P & C, P & F members. Name badges for the school’s Students / Choir members / Band members, Factions, Head Boy, Head Girl are also made. These may cost as little as $8.00 per badge and have finishes such as a Laminate, PVC or a Resin dome finish. You may choose to have a magnet fastener opposed to a pin.

One of the biggest issues in business today is the level of customer service. It has been revealed that team members in retailing that wore a name badge were perceived as providing better customer service than those who did not.

We can customise your name badge to feature your logo from as little as $8. Create name badges where you can add your own team members name as new staff are hired. Also you may choose to have a different type of name badge per department or even feature the years a particular staff member has been employed with your company. The options are limitless.

We can manufacture name badges for your professional staff members. Ideal to wear at functions and look like you belong opposed to a white card or sticky tag.

Look the part and set an example. These name badges are available in many different styles and can cost as little as $8.00 each. Your name badge may also feature a magnet fastener so you will not damage your professional clothing.

Identibits pride themselves in remaining very competitively priced.

We use only quality components in order to produce a first class product.

All name badges feature a pin at no charge and only an additional $2.50 if you require a magnet.